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Helen Cole


"San Diego Dance Academy is a hidden jewel. My daughter has been a student at SDDA for 5 yrs. and it is amazing how much she grows in dance each year."

Adam Kant


"We are so happy we found this place, all instructors are certified and hold a BA in dance education."

Joyce Watkins


"Great dance instruction, up to date choreographies, and affordable!"



A 6 month contract must be sign before enrolling at SDDA.

Tuition is due on the 1st of every month.

A $10 fee will be added to tuition as a late fee or bounced back checks.

Registration is calculated annualy (unless pre-registered)



Dancers are required to wear SDDA uniforms at all times, this uniform is mandatory.

Hair must be pulled back away from face.



Please be punctual in dropping off and picking up students, we are not a daycare center and not responsable for unattended students. SDDA insurance prohibits staff from escorting or walking students to cars.

Please arrive 5min. before class and 5min before class ends to pick up your student.



SDDA encourages students not to be absent from class, in the event that your student is absent from class, we will try to accodate such student in another class for a makeup. It is of extreme importance to SDDA that  students be able to makeup these classes, contrary to other dance schools policies.



Holidays are posted on the SDDA website, inside the academy at the bulletin board, and given out as reminders in handouts to all our students. We follow the City of Chula Vista recommended holidays.



Please do not bring any toys or items of value to you to class, SDDA is not responsible for any stolen or damage items.



SDDA has 2 recitals a year, one in December and a graduation recital in June, recitals are optional and there is no fee for participation. Students however are required to purchase their costume and tickets.


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